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Our Firm

The Investment Center of Erie was established in 2009 as an independent full-service financial consulting firm. Together with our broker-dealer, Regal Financial Group our highly qualified professionals serve as the stewards of your financial future. Our objective is to help you negotiate the many investment challenges and money management choices available in today's complex market environment.

We understand that serving our clients is a privilege, not a right.

Our mission: The Investment Center of Erie is here to help you make the most informed and educated decisions about your financial future. No two clients are alike; so whatever your investment objectives are, the key to helping you achieve those goals is developing a sound and appropriate customized strategy. Establishing a long term, mutually trusting relationship with each of our clients is fundamental to success.

At The Investment Center of Erie, we know we have to earn your business every day.

Our independence make us different: From our inception, we decided not to affiliate with any insurance company or broker-dealer that would restrict our ability to best serve your needs. The truth is, some very well known companies still prevent their agents from offering investment advice and, instead, limit them to selling proprietary products and services. We categorically reject that approach. Simply put, we work for you. Our ultimate strength at The Investment Center of Erie is that we are one of a select group of investment advisors who have the freedom to match our clients' needs with some of the world's most well-respected institutional, pension and investment managers, as cost-effectively as possible.

Our Back-Office Support Team & Broker-Dealer:

Our firm combines expertise in multiple disciplines*, with access to professional relationships, to help manage and coordinate your complete and evolving financial needs. This begins with a strong back-office support team.

Regal Financial Group
We partner with Regal Financial Group. to serve as our Broker-Dealer. Regal Financial Group provides back-office support to our firm in every area of our practice and in servicing your account. This gives us the ability to focus on satisfying your needs for personal, one-on-one service from experts we can trust. As a leader in providing business solutions for independent financial advisors, Regal Financial Group understands the distinctive, entrepreneurial needs of our business.

How does Regal Financial Group benefit you as an investor? Regal Financial Group is a truly independent firm and is not affiliated with or owned by an investment or insurance company.  Therefore, our firm is encouraged to recommend investment opportunities that are appropriate to your specific investment goals and objectives.

*All other services and those individuals providing those services are not affiliated with Regal Financial Group.